Hospitalized for Christmas, But it’s Okay.

25 Dec
The nurses gave me some hats (stereotypical cancer patient gift), and they also did a little parade, it was cute! My dad had my cat call me on the phone, and he meowed lol. That was cute, as well. My mom brought me some juice she made, and it was really good! For Christmas, I also got a watch, more hats, and some sweaters, and I got my IV pole decorated like a Christmas tree haha…
My dad and I are going to watch a DVD later. I kind of want to watch The Sound of Music. I feel like singing.
Since I have the PEG tube now, I can just use that and pretend I’m eating whatever I want…like unicorn! …that was probably the fentanyl speaking, but whatever, it’s Christmas. Hugs 🙂
Merry Christmas, everyone!

2 Responses to “Hospitalized for Christmas, But it’s Okay.”

  1. mmrljak December 28, 2012 at 5:30 AM #

    I am sorry that you had to spend your Christmas in the hospital. I love the fact that you decorated your IV pole though! I hate those things and being plugged into the wall and having to take it with you everywhere. Its only temporary though! Hope all it well! ❤

    • BcomingFree December 28, 2012 at 7:25 AM #

      It was one of the Nurse’s ideas. I’m glad they did it, because it brought some excitement to my day. I hate having those things. We call it my “boyfriend” or “dance partner” since I have to take them with me everywhere -__-. I’m home now, though! 🙂 Thanks, and I hope all is well with you, too! ❤

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