22 Jun

I’m awake and feeling awful. I’ve been in so much pain this past week, and I got pain medicine that worked today (I guess yesterday at this point) and it made me sleep all day, which was fine.

But now I’m up and in pain again, and so so nauseous. My stomach is just not happy. It’s swollen and kind of bruised looking…it’s not cute. I have a headache, and I just want to go back to sleep, but I can’t. 

I’ll probably be able to after my next dose of medication, but that’s not for a little while.

When I was sleeping, I had this weird dream about being in this huge hotel, and having to go to this guy’s room to wait for the lady to clean my room. I didn’t know this guy, and he was so confused about why I was waiting in his hotel room. I was confused about it, too. The cleaning lady and the manager also showed up to surprise his wife because it was her birthday, and they literally jumped out and scared her. She thought it was hilarious. That said, he was not too pleased about me being in his room, and it kind of went downhill from there. My dreams are weird.


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