I Definitely Overdid It

15 Jul

The stomach pain is worse now than before, and my fever got so ridiculously high that I was delirious and needed to go to the hospital, but couldn’t quite call, as I forgot the number for 9-1-1 >_<. I did manage to call someone who called for me. I was seeing things, but I really don’t remember it, and I guess I passed out. I don’t remember getting to the hospital, but I woke up in the hospital covered in ice packs and freezing my little patootie off. Even the saline was cold. I still don’t know what is causing this fever, but it needs to cut it out.


2 Responses to “I Definitely Overdid It”

  1. Knot Telling July 15, 2013 at 6:51 AM #

    I agree. It needs to stop. BEGONE, pain and fever!

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