Random Rambling

2 Aug

Just found out that one of my friends from youth group at church (when I was in high school) is in jail now for dealing in stolen possessions. She also has had a baby since then. It’s weird how people change. I found out from my first ex boyfriend who has also changed a lot since we dated. He’s not even fasting for Ramadan, he drinks, and he does a lot of things that he never ever used to do. I broke up with him because he got lazy, and I wanted to stay motivated enough to get into med school. He got kicked out of school and had no job. He’s a nice guy, but he lives with his mother and doesn’t do anything now. I mean…I just can’t feel the same way about him anymore. He’ll always have that special “first love” place in my heart, but he’s no longer my type, I guess. We are still friends and hang out when I come home. There are so many people from my hometown who had so much potential and just never did anything with it. It’s sad to see. Some had kids, and so they were unable to further their education or get the jobs that they were striving for. Some got into bad things and ended up in jail. Some just liked to party a little too much and wound up in a place that did not line up with their aspirations. Now it’s not that I’m sitting here judging them or anything, I just hate to see dreams not achieved and potential not tapped into. There are a lot of people who are doing very well right now and are on their career paths, are engaged or married, and have children on purpose, so it’s not everyone. But it’s a disconcerting amount of people. I’m also surprised at the amount of people that I’ve known from school who were killed or who died of things like overdose. It’s sad, it really is. The city I lived in is becoming increasingly more violent, and I fear for my friends who still live there. This has become a completely random rambling, but I had to get it out.


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