More Entries for My Weird Dreams File

18 Aug

I was at a theme park with my mom and my brother. My brother ran off and we didn’t see him again. My mom was looking for him and getting really mad. I was getting famous for writing a TV show kinda like Family Guy over at the snack bar. I got paid in loose potato chips (as in not in packages). They suddenly turned into dollars and I gave them all to the snack bar and got an ice cream sandwich. A round one with lots of chocolate. I looked for a place to eat it, and suddenly the theme park became a boat. One seat was swinging out over the water, and I said “nope, nope, nope!” So I sat down near a family. Soon the grandma came back and I was in her seat, so I asked if the seat across from them was taken. It wasn’t, so I sat there. I finished my ice cream, and ran into my mom. She was mad about not finding my brother. We both went and found my dad and some of her coworkers playing this game that when you throw these balls into holes over the water, you get points. However, you had to wait a while after every 3 balls or so. My dad was doing pretty well. One of my mom’s coworkers kept jumping in the water, and the people who made the game were making big artificial waves and there was a huge blow-up killer whale in the water. He didn’t care, though, and got slammed into a wall by a huge wave. The killer whale then started choosing people he wanted to kill by screaming in their faces with fire in his mouth, and he chose me. Then I woke up.

In my next dream, I saw Ronald Reagan get elected, and then he was making a speech. He said something that no one liked, and this man from the intelligence party stood up, outraged, and asked him a tough question. Then, we were in his house. There was a filmmaker that loved his house and was given his house, but he wanted to make it seem like a dark and dangerous place. Mickey mouse was on the couch, and another mouse was with me. Sylvester the cat was planning something devious and tried to get the mice to follow him, so they chased him all around the house and halfway down to the basement. Sylvester hid under the stairs, and the mice thought something must be wrong, so they stopped going down the stairs. Then they heard Sylvester hiss, and the mouse who wasn’t mickey stuck his hand under the step, and Sylvester started licking it, then Sylvester bit his hand. The mice ran away.


I should probably start studying for path now. I had chemo today and I feel really…gross.


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