Dreams About My Brother

24 Aug

Last night I had some pretty weird dreams (again) all involving my brother.

In the first one, we were trying to sneak him into the country, because he was from a different country, which was literally like down the street. Then we got into the country and took him to the church we used to go to, but it was taken over by another church and filled with Halloween decorations. Scary ones. We decided to go to the church’s restaurant instead of the service. They were playing India Arie’s song “Back to the Middle” and I was singing along. When we sat down, there was already food there and there were HUGE, GINORMOUS alcoholic beverages. I had a beer and a margarita. The beer was really good. It was Heineken’s “Off Blood” beer (which doesn’t really exist, obviously). I didn’t have room for the margarita. They came and took the old food off the table, but wanted to charge us for it, so the waitress gave my dad some cash to cover it. Then they brought us our appetizer, which was enchiladas covered in goat cheese on top of lettuce and pita. Weird. It was good, though. Then they brought us our entrees in a bag. I had a hamburger, and we were gonna go home to eat it later. On the walk to the car, we passed all of these stores and we walked through a clothing store and Homegoods. They were playing “Yo no me doy por vencido” but not the version by Luis Fonsi. An older version, I guess. I was singing along to that, too. We also walked through a Chico’s clothing store and I ran into a mannequin. We got to the car, and my dad drove the wrong way around the round-a-bout.

I had this other dream that I drove up to this random house and rang the doorbell. I didn’t know why, so I decided to make up some name and ask if they were there. A girl came to the door, and I asked if Michelle was there. I expected her to be like “wrong house” but she was like, yeah, she’s up in my brother’s room. I started petting her dog, and said Michelle Smith or Michelle Hightower? She said, “the one who was just diagnosed with leukemia” and I said. Oh no, wrong Michelle. Then I said if the other Michelle stops by, to have her brother call me. Then she said ok, and I went to my car and drove off, but her dog loved me and followed me. He eventually let me go, and I drove off and got lost. I stopped at this seedy place to program my GPS. I got out of the car, and I was walking through this place…I forgot what I was looking for…but my brother was waiting for me outside. I saw this man…Aaron Paul (Pinkman) from Breaking Bad, actually…and he had a gun. He started following me, so I was like sh*t sh*t sh*t in my head. Then he stopped and shot off his big toe. My brother looked unfazed. Then he proceeded to shoot off the rest of his toes. My brother made some comment, and Aaron Paul pointed the gun at us. I was trying to shut my brother up as we walked briskly back to the car. My brother kept making comments, and Aaron pointed the gun at us again. I grabbed my brother by the collar and pulled him towards the car. Then Aaron said “I’m the catalyst of that reaction!” and my brother, to make a point, walked me to my side of the car, then got into his side of the car. We drove off, getting a little lost, then I decided to drive to taekwondo so see my old instructor. Then it cut to where my little brother was a bit older. He had shaggy hair and hats and kinda bummy clothes. He kinda looked like an older version of Harry Styles from one direction. Then my dream became narrated by some voice. It talked about how Charlie (my brother) bounced from place to place, never settling down. When he got too comfortable somewhere, he had to leave. It showed him getting involved in selling weed and shooting peas with a rubber band. He hung out with dangerous people, and he didn’t want to admit to them that his sister (me) was black. Then it showed him working as a waiter at a restaurant and running to the shoe place next door where the owner knew him well. He had to return the shoes he was wearing and trade them for new ones because the owner wouldn’t let him wear them. He traded them for these fuzzy ugg boots just to piss off his boss. Then a girl ran in screaming saying his friends were in an ambulance. He ran down the street and saw that out of his 3 friends, only 1 of them was alive still. He ran back to the shoe store and started crying. Then I was suddenly there throwing up blood and oatmeal on the floor of the shoe store. And that was pretty much it.


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