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The Dreams Continue

13 Aug

I had a dream about rats and that my parents got my brother and iPhone 5 and they got me a toy phone and told me to buy my own real phone. I had to rub all this stuff all over my hands everyday, just a bunch of different solutions to keep my skin from falling off. We went to Best Buy and there was a girl in black face in the parking lot wanting to date my brother, and she was like, “don’t worry, I’m white.” So my parents go pissed and we ran away from her cuz my mom was driving the car with her feet. She ran a red light, too. And there were these rats that came out in our living room, and they ran under me out into the sewers. I tried to look in the fridge, but everything, especially the kefir, fell down. (We don’t buy kefir). And that was my dream.