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Aside 24 Aug

Dammit, I’m bleeding again! I’m really hoping I don’t start bleeding any more than I am right now, cuz I’m really not feeling the whole “go to the hospital” thing. I just wanna stay in my bed. Just once, please!!

Big Steps

15 Mar

I talked to my mom yesterday, and she asked me if I remembered to call this guy to give him advice about getting into medical school. She asked me to do this a little while back right in the middle of exam week when I was doing regular and make-up exams. I told her that I forgot to call him, because I honestly just forgot. Then she got all mad at me and started saying all these awful things about me. I started crying because I had called her to tell her about the GI bleed and about me being depressed and seeing the psychiatrist. Obviously, I couldn’t do that now, so I just told her I’d talk to her later. That really upset me…a lot. So then today I called her to try again, and I did. I told her about both. She and I talked for about 2 hours, and she said if I were her patient and said all that, she’d put me on Zoloft, so she’s actually taking my complaints seriously this time. She usually gives me the “anyone in your situation” or “it’s the winter/lack of sun” or “medical school stress” speech. She told me she agrees with me going ahead and seeing the psychiatrist. So, that’s definitely a huge step. I’m also home from the hospital now, which is another step, and I plan to participate in Relay for Life tomorrow if I can.


12 Mar

Aaaaand…late last night I started vomiting blood. I wasn’t sure at the time if I was vomiting blood or coughing up blood, it was a little hard to tell, but I eventually went to the ER and found out I had a GI bleed, so…yeah…that happened. Ugh. So, I did get that problem fixed obviously, but I’m just feeling all sorts of hopeless right now.