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Therapy Woes

18 May

So…I went to see this therapist last week that my psychiatrist recommended I see. I didn’t like it. The building was purple, the walls were pink, the carpet was green, and there were hummingbird things everywhere. It was a bit disorienting. I felt spaced out because of the meds, but she said stuff like “tell me about you, tell me about your childhood” like in the movies and she told me to let the little girl inside of me cry…uh…what? She said I have OCD because I wasn’t allowed to express my emotions as a child…I cried plenty as a child, and I told her this. I don’t have OCD, I’m depressed/anxious because I’m sick and lonely! I feel like she was just making stuff up as she went along. She even told me to come back into the room like she felt I wasn’t there in the room with her…what? I just didn’t like the whole thing, plus she’s super expensive, and I felt sketched out the whole time. I’m not gonna go back, plus I think the meds are working now. I don’t think I need a counselor.


Definitely a Success!!

10 Apr

Besides my stomach killing me all day, today has been kinda fantastic. Even if I did have counseling today! I understood the lectures, I woke up at like 4AM and studied and understood stuff and junk, and I cleaned this morning…put on good smelling body lotion, painted my nails with this nail polish that’s white…ish…indoors and turns pink outdoors. I did my hair like 3 different ways then gave up and put it in a ponytail because I wanted to. I wore cutesy new clothes instead of scrubby scrubs. Today was another success! I think it’s the meds, right? I think…Oh yeah, AND I went grocery shopping! 🙂 Plus, I didn’t cry at all today! Definitely a success.