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Side Effects

5 May

Apparently, shaking is a side effect of a few of my medications. Just great. My handwriting has gone to crap! I’m sick of all these side effects, they’re the worst part of the whole thing, I think.That and being terribly depressed. But I went to church today, that was nice.


14 Apr


I went to the hospital, and they found another small mass. I’m so tired of this crap, seriously, I can’t handle it!! I just want cancer to leave me and my family alone! I feel SO defeated. I just wanna be better already and forget all this bull ever happened, but like…I don’t even know if I’m even gonna get better at this point, like I don’t even know if that’s the plan anymore. They just keep talking about “stabilization” and stuff, and I just wanna be better, I can’t live like this. I really can’t live like this. /rant


This Crap Again.

7 Jan

Just got out of the hospital. Now I gotta go right back. Sucks.

:’( That Is All

22 Sep

New Emotional Low


I feel like the crappiest crap stuck to the gum on the bottom of Satan’s shoe…

My leg is sooooooo swollen and sore 😦 ouch

Anndddd…I have pharyngitis…again…

It’s only like 8pm…and this day needs to be over, because I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better one. We’ll see.