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Keys Are Found

29 Mar

The cruise people called. They found my keys, and they’re gonna mail them to me in like a month =\ cuz it’s not like I need them to drive or get in my apartment, house, or parking garage or anything for at least a month. Bahhh!! Glad I have spares for most of those. Oh well…at least they found them. I was particularly fond of the keychain. But yeah, now I have to figure out how to get into the parking garage. I’m only like 1 hour from the port right now, but they’re gonna mail them to Miami, cuz that makes sense.

I’m Back!

28 Mar

So the cruise was not ideal. It had some fun moments, but I feel like maybe I shouldn’t have gone. Ugh. I hate to complain about something that’s so awesome and so few people get to do, but honestly…I just feel like I didn’t get to enjoy the experience like I should have. For one, I brought a friend, and it seemed like she tried her best to make the trip as miserable as possible. Complaining about every little thing, trying to keep me away from my classmates, bragging about herself all the time, and screwing one of my classmates on the trip. She wouldn’t shut up about the sex they had (I don’t wanna know what he’s like in bed, please!)…then he shows up the next day with 2 random other girls from on the ship, and she gets upset and gets an attitude with me for the rest of the trip. That’s just how he is, and I tried to warn her, but she didn’t listen. She gets weird whenever I’m around other people that I know besides her, so she weirded out on me this whole trip. So I didn’t get to spend very much time with my classmates, which I really wanted to, and I got b*tched at. Not to mention, it was cold and gray the whole time, and rainy the first couple of days. I felt sick quite a bit, and I just think I probably overdid it with the activities and such, but I wasn’t about to not participate in as much of the fun as I could. I also still felt pretty depressed at times, and I didn’t expect to feel that way when I should be having the most fun of my life. I still did manage to have fun (mostly when the friend I brought wasn’t around) and I got a little bit of shopping done. It wasn’t all bad  — that would be impossible, it’s a cruise to the Bahamas!!

Some highlights

  • Some of my classmates almost got left in Nassau…they ran at near Olympic Record speeds (exaggeration) and made it back to the ship just as they were pulling up the gangway (not an exaggeration). This isn’t good, but the way they ran and made it at the last second is pretty epic.
  • One guy in my class got tipsy/drunk, put on a speedo, and suddenly acquired a British accent.
  • The guys in the class ordered fruit, wine, chocolate, and cheesecake through room service, and invited us to their room, dimmed the lights, removed our shoes, played music, and gave us all 10 minute massages to show that they appreciate us. Best part of the cruise!!
  • I cuddled with 4 of my classmates. They pushed 2 twin beds together, and 5 of us slept/spooned in it that first night.

There were other fun/funny things, but those were a few highlights. I’m just kinda glad that school’s gonna be starting again. Oh also, I lost my keys UGH!!

Highs and Lows

20 Mar

I’m getting sick, which SUCKS!! Especially since I have a test Friday and a cruise coming up! I talked to my professors for this test block, though, and I’m getting a few accommodations for this exam, so the stress level is a little lower.

Also, as per my psychologist…I’m not allowed to stay alone anymore. I have to check in with her every night and tell her who I’m staying with, so we’ll see how that goes. -__-

On a lighter note, I aced the physiology miniboard!!! 7 points higher than the national average! That means I get enough bonus points to raise my OS1 grade a whole letter grade!!! I’m pretty sure God took that miniboard for me. I didn’t study for it. I was already mentally prepared to retake it this summer.

Spring Break Cruise with My Bestie!

20 Mar

So…as I’ve been under tons of stress recently, I decided to go on the Spring Break trip with my class, and my doctors actually approved for me to go!! I really didn’t think they were going to go for it, but they did, ha!

My class is going on a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas…I’m a little nervous about the whole cruising thing, as I get nauseous enough on dry land, but you know what? Screw it…I’m all stockpiled up on Zofran and Emend and whatever other stuff I need (including those oh so important ones like Duragesic and Fentora), and I’m gonna have a blast :). What else was awesome was that my mom suggested that I invite my bestie, who lives in another state and teaches Kindergarten. Since this cruise is in the middle of the week, I figured she (having a real job) wouldn’t be able to go. I caller her anyways, and that’s her Spring Break, too!! What are the odds?!?  So, we’re going together! AHHH!!! I can’t contain my excitement, and neither can she!

This is exactly the kind of excitement that the both of us needed, and it WILL be epic! Now, all I have to do is stay just healthy enough to not ruin the plans, and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. Yay!