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Hospital Trip

8 Jun

Mmk folks, so I noticed there was blood in my urine yesterday, so I went to the doctor. He took a urine sample and sent me to the hospital, where they wanted another urine sample. Now, I only pee like once a day…my doctor got about all I was gonna give for the day. Soo they gave me some fluids, but didn’t want to give me a lot so as to avoid the edema problem I’ve been having and pleural effusion problem that I’d had before. Eventually I was able to go a little. Enough for a sample. They found blood (DUH!!) and proteins…more than last time, and told me my kidney function is getting worse. They were talking about dialysis, but they want to try raising the dose of diuretics, and putting me on another blood pressure medication as well as arterial embolization for the tumor partially occluding my renal artery. So if that works, I won’t need dialysis! I’m hoping and praying that this works, because I really really really don’t want dialysis. Really! My parents are coming tomorrow to see me, and they’re going to stay for about a week, I believe. I still have some articles to read for my research, so I guess this will give me a chance to do that.


Chemobrain and…

19 Jan

Apparently my last whole kidney is having problems…I reeeeally don’t wanna end up on dialysis, so I hope this medicine works. And…stereotactic radiotherapy for the lung mets soon. Scheduling a colonoscopy soon as well. Sounds like great fun! -__-

And about my mom crying over winter break…

My mom is the kind of person that feels like she has to be strong for everyone and fight hard for everything, so seeing her cry was…just weird honestly. She has her best friend to talk to…her best friend lives here closer to me and helps take care of me since I’m farther from home. She doesn’t tell my dad things she’s scared about, because she doesn’t want him to be scared. He takes those cues from her, and once she said that, I realized that’s what she’s been doing with me, and why she was crazy enough to let me be so far away from home during all of this…to give off a “no big deal” vibe, I think. She tends to do that so that no one else panics, since she’s the one with all the medical knowledge in the family.

This seems a little scatterbrained…probably because it is. Probably because I am, so I’ll leave it. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. My blog, my rules. There. *Tee hee*