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Light in the Darkness

28 Dec

“I know it’s so easy to focus on your struggles, to let them submerge your mind, surround your day with hallow negativity, and restrain you from seeing beauty. I know what it’s like to want to lay in bed all day, and not face the day. But pain is inevitable, misery is optional. Fight for your happiness, realize you deserve it. We complicate our life so much and it’s exhausting. Be grateful for all that is going right, focus on that and trust in the universe to aid you with endurance. Never let yourself forget that there is always light in the darkness.”

Things I’m Grateful For

27 Dec
  1. Music
  2. Jordan T.
  3. Cell phones
  4. Social media sites
  5. Popsicles
  6. Plastic
  7. Stainless steel
  8. No cable bill last September
  9. Google and Wikipedia
  10. External hard drives
  11. Headphones
  12. Oxygen masks and portable oxygen tanks
  13. Dr. W’s anatomy question book
  14. Alarm clocks
  15. One semester of medical school down
  16. Juice boxes
  17. Tests going better than I expected
  18. Practice questions
  19. Dry erase boards
  20. Phone calls from my mom
  21. Bug spray
  22. Classmates that cook
  23. Good movies
  24. The Internet
  25. 2nd year tutor who explains things EXACTLY the way that you understand them
  26. Compliments
  27. Classmates always offering to help you ❤
  28. Dr. H and the AWESOME way she explains things
  29. Fridays, Weekends, and Independent Study Days
  30. Lectures with no testable information
  31. My NGUNS bracelet that Kayla sent me ❤
  32. Randi’s Cranes for Hope (I got 1000 origami cranes!)
  33. Handwritten letters
  34. Youtube videos explaining scientific things
  35. Kittens…fuzzy kittens
  36. Painkillers
  37. Applesauce
  38. Friends that visit
  39. Blood donors
  40. Nurses
  41. Blinds that close all the way
  42. Hospital gowns that close in the back
  43. My new PEG tube (believe it or not)
  44. Ru Sans
  45. My dad visiting me this past semester
  46. That it could always be worse
  47. That I don’t have all of the diseases I learn about in school
  48. Space heaters
  49. Getting into med school, because duh, life dream!
  50. I’m ALIVE!
  51. Someone to talk to on the phone every night
  52. Alex and her puppy Remi
  53. Cookies baked from scratch
  54. Jeff for always being there and saying things like, “We’re family!”
  55. My family

Positivity Challenge: Complete

Goal: not really reached, but these past few weeks have been kinda sucky, so whatever.

That being said, Life is precious. Don’t let it pass you by. That’s all.