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Another Update

4 Jul

I wanted to update some more. So last night I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to a new medicine I was given, so then I got a bronchodilator and some IV benadryl. That kinda knocked me out last night, thankfully. I had a rash all over, and I was sweating (I was in a pool of sweat), which is odd for me as I’m usually super cold. I also was having trouble breathing, and my heart started beating really fast. I got some steroids, too, and with the combo of meds, they were able to stop the reaction, or at least make me sleep through it. Who knows, it was bedtime for me.

Then today, I’ve been so exhausted. Painfully exhausted! I can’t stay awake for very long at once, so I’ve been taking naps all day and I’m still exhausted. At least I have nothing to do. I’ve been having some pain. I actually went today, which was sickeningly painful. I threw up a bunch in the process, but I do feel a little better now. Sweet relief lol. I also had two seizures today. That’s not something new to me, but it’s something I’d gotten under better control until more recently. I guess with all the medicine changes, I have to balance those meds out again =\ more to do. Hopefully I get to go home tomorrow. My friend that was supposed to visit this weekend isn’t coming anymore. It’s a long drive, so I guess I don’t blame her, it just bums me out a little.