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Holi Hai!

31 Mar

Photo not mine

Holi (phagwah) AKA The Festival of Colours was celebrated this week. The hindu holiday is celebrated in places like India, the US, and also Guyana where the religion is prevalent. Because it’s celebrated in Guyana, that means my mom used to celebrate it when she was younger. She mostly remembers people throwing what she referred to as “bombs” of coloured powder at her while she walked the streets for a few days, and she would get in trouble by her grandmother for her clothes getting so dirty, but she also remembered it being fun. I’ve wanted to try this, so I think this is getting added to my bucket list!! 🙂

Starting Out the New Year with a Booooo! :(

1 Jan

I called the doctor, and he had me go to the ER (super lame), and they admitted me (even more lame!) so now I’ve spent Christmas AND New Year’s Eve/Day in the hospital. I’m hoping to get out soon. I would like to be able to go to school still this semester, and it starts…TOMORROW. I know I won’t make it to class tomorrow, but the notes are all online, so that’s fine, but I really would like to be able stay enrolled this semester. I’m still not really sure what’s wrong, but I got some broad spectrum antibiotic for some unidentified infection I suppose, and steroids to reduce swelling in my brain. My sodium levels also got really low, so I got mannitol, too. Fun stuff! Oh, and of course pain medications for pain. Can’t really go wrong with Dilaudid, so that’s how my holiday went. 

Lame Break is Lame!

22 Dec

So…crappiest break in the history of breaks 😦 this better improve, because it’s renal when I get back to school…ugh -__-

I don’t even know if I’ll be home for Christmas…I really wanna be home for Christmas, because I missed Christmas completely last year. I was down for the count, so to speak. Didn’t wake up at all that day. LAME! And I wanna do family stuff…and junk. I know my mom has to work on Christmas, but I at least want to hang out with my dad!

I just wanna leeeeeave! It just sucks, because I still feel absolutely awful 😦