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Overview of Today

24 Jul

My home health nurse came this morning and got me all set up and washed up and ready for the day…the day consisting of nothing but lying in bed (a skill I’ve recently perfected) and some delicious TPN. I have hives, and I don’t know why. I thought my dad and brother would be home with me all day, but they were both gone all day. My dad was working and running errands, and my brother was doing something S.C.U.B.A. related and then hanging out with his girlfriend for the remainder of the day.

When my dad finally came home, he started paying bills and then cooking while we watched Family Guy. After that, we watched Superman together, then America’s Got Talent, and finally So You Think You Can Dance. During this time, my mom came home. She came home angry. She became even angrier upon discovering that one of my GENERIC medications after insurance cost $65 for a week’s supply. She went off. She started cussing (my mom usually doesn’t curse at all) and yelling at everyone in the house. My dad and I just gave each other a “menopause is a b*tch” look. And my dad calmly agreed to take the medication back while my mom sorted through our insurance formulary information.

Speaking of insurance, the appeal that was “denied” was denied before they even got our appeal. Also, we may have sent it to the wrong address, so we will try sending it to the other address. Hopefully this works this time, because I’m too broke for all of this nonsense.

All in all, even though I was feeling depressed today, I’m so flippin’ glad to be home!


Coming Home

23 Jul

I haven’t updated in a little bit because things have been a little crazy. First, they’ve been trying to narrow down what I have and they have concluded that it’s a virus. I won’t go into detail about what it is for personal privacy reasons, but basically the only thing they can really do is treat the symptoms and let the virus run its course so to speak. Then, on Saturday, I was airlifted to a hospital closer to home. My mom works in affiliation with this hospital, so she was able to pull some strings and get things rolling faster. This does hit one of my Bucket List items, which was to ride in a helicopter. Unfortunately, I was sleeping the entire time, so I didn’t get to appreciate it properly, but I never made any specific stipulations on my actual Bucket List regarding being awake, so I’m counting it. When I got to the new hospital, things got crazy. I coded. Now I don’t know what all went on during the code, obviously, but I have some nice bruises and burn marks to remember it by. I got put on a vent for a short period of time, I was taken off of it that same night and just had the oxygen mask. Thank God. It was funny because I was toying around with the idea of DNR, and had I signed one of those puppies…well this post would be a little different. Nonexistent. But after all of that, I desperately wanted to go home and just sit outside. I’ve been cooped up inside for so long, I just wanted some sun and air and…non-sterile smells. I wanted to sleep in my own bed and maybe be able to sleep through the entire night. So my mom arranged for Home Health care, because she’s a Get-Things-Done type of person, and a few days later I was discharged into their care. It’s so so nice being home. My bed has never felt better. And it’s kind of a relief being here with my parents and my brother. We went to the Gardens and I took some great pictures. We walked around, and I used the wheelchair and oxygen only when I got super tired…which didn’t really take too long, but the point is that I was just walking around the gardens being normal, doing normal things with my family, and that made me so happy.