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19 Apr

I’m feeling the depression hard today. The not wanting to do anything at all. The random bouts of crying even when I’ve received the best news of life about my dad. The not eating anything. The feeling isolated and detached. All of it is hitting me hard today. I’m even talking super slowly and moving even slower. Now my eyes are all swollen from crying, and I just want a hug. Blah.


12 Apr

Been feeling gross ALL day. 😦 Nauseous and dizzy, my mouth has been really dry and tasted weird. My shoulder and neck have been hurting pretty badly, too. And I had a meeting with the Dean. I think she just wanted to hug me…that’s cool.


21 Dec

So I figured out that I don’t need to talk to my dad to show him that I care. I just need to hug him, lean my head on his shoulder when we’re sitting next to each other, watch a movie with him…that’s all there is to it!

I want to be able to be home (and awake) for Christmas this year. I want that.