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Cycle 1 Begins

11 Aug

The day started with me feeling poorly, but I was pretty determined to make it through this day! I got a ride to the infusion center and got some blood work done. I got my port accessed and flushed, and I got some Tylenol and Ativan. When the blood work showed that my counts were okay, I started getting an IV anti-nausea medication and some fluids. At this point, I got a test dose of the Gemcitabine, and when I didn’t have an adverse reaction to it, I got the Gemcitabine infusion, which only lasts 30 minutes. I guess I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night, because I was half asleep throughout this whole process. It was over relatively quickly, and I’m supposed to take the Sunitinib this evening. We will see how I feel then.


Chemo Plans

13 Apr

Man, my GI tract is ALL jacked up. Is that permanent? I stopped doing the weekly chemo infusions, just gonna stick with the oral chemo now. Dunno how exactly that will all turn out, but I’ll see in a few weeks, I guess. But good riddance, geez! Still gonna do the Zometa, though. I’m just sooooo dizzy right now, and I don’t really know why. Probably new meds.