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Strange Dreams

7 Jul

I’m trying to watch Snow White and The Huntsman, and it’s taking me forever. I can’t get through 30 minutes without taking an equally long nap! It’s making me have some interesting dreams, though.

I’ve been growing out my fingernails this summer (yay, they can grow!) and I keep having dreams that they’re gone again or super short or that the nail polish I’ve been putting on them is just gone. I’ve also been dreaming about food a lot. My dreams have pretty much all been about the same or similar things all summer. It’s weird. My dreams are always weird, but they feel so real that when I wake up, I feel so disoriented and have to remind myself of real life. Sometimes, I can’t tell if something really happened or if it happened in a dream.


20 Jun

I saw Silver Linings Playbook, and I just had a dream of the continuation of the end, but I was the guy (my dreams do that to me), but then my scumbag brain has to turn it into a nightmare on me and I get shot in my cool apartment’s elevator by a man on a mass murdering spree with a semi-automatic weapon…right in the stomach. Why do I always die in my dreams? Now, I can’t sleep.


21 Dec

So I figured out that I don’t need to talk to my dad to show him that I care. I just need to hug him, lean my head on his shoulder when we’re sitting next to each other, watch a movie with him…that’s all there is to it!

I want to be able to be home (and awake) for Christmas this year. I want that.