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31 Jul

I have random thoughts in my head.
I had nightmares last night.
I love music and singing and playing piano.
I’m still in FL. I feel better than yesterday.
The Neulasta shot is making me feel pretty darn crappy.
I should have taken Claritin before I got it.
I keep getting rashes and hives.
My brother got bitten by a snake yesterday. His ankle is all swollen.
My brother bought his gf a promise ring.
My toenails are bright orange now!
There was a big screw in my tire, but it’s fixed now.
I had some delicious iced tea.
This zebra nail polish is lasting a long time  
I saw both of my exes last week.
That was actually enjoyable.

Strange Dreams

7 Jul

I’m trying to watch Snow White and The Huntsman, and it’s taking me forever. I can’t get through 30 minutes without taking an equally long nap! It’s making me have some interesting dreams, though.

I’ve been growing out my fingernails this summer (yay, they can grow!) and I keep having dreams that they’re gone again or super short or that the nail polish I’ve been putting on them is just gone. I’ve also been dreaming about food a lot. My dreams have pretty much all been about the same or similar things all summer. It’s weird. My dreams are always weird, but they feel so real that when I wake up, I feel so disoriented and have to remind myself of real life. Sometimes, I can’t tell if something really happened or if it happened in a dream.

Definitely a Success!!

10 Apr

Besides my stomach killing me all day, today has been kinda fantastic. Even if I did have counseling today! I understood the lectures, I woke up at like 4AM and studied and understood stuff and junk, and I cleaned this morning…put on good smelling body lotion, painted my nails with this nail polish that’s white…ish…indoors and turns pink outdoors. I did my hair like 3 different ways then gave up and put it in a ponytail because I wanted to. I wore cutesy new clothes instead of scrubby scrubs. Today was another success! I think it’s the meds, right? I think…Oh yeah, AND I went grocery shopping! 🙂 Plus, I didn’t cry at all today! Definitely a success.