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31 Jul

I have random thoughts in my head.
I had nightmares last night.
I love music and singing and playing piano.
I’m still in FL. I feel better than yesterday.
The Neulasta shot is making me feel pretty darn crappy.
I should have taken Claritin before I got it.
I keep getting rashes and hives.
My brother got bitten by a snake yesterday. His ankle is all swollen.
My brother bought his gf a promise ring.
My toenails are bright orange now!
There was a big screw in my tire, but it’s fixed now.
I had some delicious iced tea.
This zebra nail polish is lasting a long time  
I saw both of my exes last week.
That was actually enjoyable.

I Just Need to Complain

24 Jun

I’ve been in a really bad mood all day. I guess it’s because I’ve been extremely tired and my everything just hurts so badly. It’s not that I’ve been angry, I’ve just been really upset about how exhausted I’ve been and how much pain I’ve been feeling recently, and today I’ve been having new pain that I wasn’t even having before. The skin on my hands is peeling, and the fatigue is kicking my butt! My head hurts, it hurts to breathe, my back hurts, it hurts to move, my stomach hurts, it hurts to eat or drink anything, my bones hurt, my skin hurts…I’m just a hot freaking mess. I can’t even get proper sleep because I keep having nightmares and the pain keeps waking me up. I really just feel like crying.



24 Jun

Only I would have nightmares involving my reflection bathing in agave nectar…