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3 Jul

I’m up again at the butt-crack of dawn because I can’t sleep. Hospitals are awful for sleep, and pain is hard to sleep through. The sleeping meds wore off, and it’s about time for more pain meds…I can tell. I have a fever and my blood pressure is really low now, go figure. My O2 sats are low, too, so more oxygen for me. Can’t really leave until that’s under control…and until I go…who knows when that’ll be. The physical therapy lady should be coming in this morning and making me do some laps, which I’m actually not looking forward to even though I really do wanna get out of this bed. The list of things I can’t eat has gotten even longer, so I mostly just have a short list of things I can eat for now. It’s really just liquid things, so by eat, I mean drink or slurp or however I choose to ingest it. That’s about all for this morning report.

More Meds!

25 Jun

So the doctor upped my pain meds, which he was kind of reluctant to do at first because of my O2 sats going down and my liver enzymes being so elevated. That and the obvious kidney issues, he was worried about such a high dosage, but he did it, and it’s helping. I’ve been even more tired, though, because of it. I’ve been sleeping like crazy and still feeling exhausted. Like I can barely keep my eyes open, but it’s better than all that pain. I’m still feeling rather uncomfortable, but still…better.