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I Read This Quote:

30 Jan

“It sucks and it’s going to suck, but try not to get so caught up that the good moments become poison too. Hell, if you have a good minute, congratulate yourself. Because, at this point, feeling like yourself even for a minute is magical. Over time, good moments become riddled with evil. In the moments you should be savoring, you spend time wondering how far you’ll fall this time. You feel alone. You realize how much your life has changed. So, what do you do? You pick yourself up and start to rebuild.”

At first I was like…well that’s depressing, but then I realized what they were saying, and it was right. Just thought I’d share.


“Chemotherapy” by Vanity of Duluoz

9 Dec

I have witnessed the foe of man
Through possession by a pain
From almost every nerve in the body.
It’s not just confined to a toe or a stomach,
It’s everywhere.
And there is no magical remedy,
No green elixir to mend.
No red or blue pill to choose from,
No choice in life or death of the matter.
I watch the pain consume him until his pupils become pointed stars.
Until the medication wears off and it comes again.
A deadly “cocktail” of chemicals
contrived from jungles in South America
and perfected by labs in the West.
The only chance to save him. And it’s a slim chance.
Awful odds, dealt from a hand in a game he never chose to play.
He anxiously awaits his murderer
Only half as powerful as his own self
To come and fight him.
Forced to rely on this intravenous beast to come and kill him.
Kill him only enough to let him live.
Let him live by a breath,
Let him live by a heartbeat.
Please kill him- just enough,
Just enough to let him live.