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Cure for Cancer?

18 Jun

I visited a friend a few weeks ago, and he and his father were talking about how cancer research is a conspiracy theory, and about how the government has already found a cure for cancer, but they won’t share it because the money is in the treatment and not the cure. They said, knowing about my condition and my father’s condition, that they would never donate money to cancer research. I hate when people say things like this, because there are so many scientists slaving away in their labs trying to cure this awful disease. So many people don’t know that even two people with the same kind of cancer have essentially two different diseases because their bodies work differently and respond to drugs differently. They’re different on a cellular or molecular level, and so the treatment should be tailored to the individual. This makes finding a cure that much harder, because it’s not one cure we’re looking for. It’s not 1 cure for each cancer. Who knows how many different kinds there really are? In the meantime, scientists are making huge headway in coming up with better treatments for cancers than what existed before. Many of these new treatments are less toxic, because they are more directed at the cancer cells due to more specific properties of the cells. I tried to share this information with my friend and his father, but they did not want to hear it. It’s people like this, people who do not listen to the other side of things, that make it harder to get the funding needed to try to find better treatments and even cures.

PET Scans and Pimping

6 Jun

My dad got his PET scan today. Since Tropical Storm Andrea hit, they had a lot of bad weather, including tornadoes. This caused him to have to be evacuated from the PET scanner and sent into the main building, not once, but twice! The first time he had been in there for 20 minutes, the second time he had been in for 1 hour. How crazy!! He should get the results at his appointment in 2 weeks, but I’m hoping they call early and tell him. My mom is getting stomach cramps just thinking about it.

I went back to my research lab and was there from about 4PM to 6:30PM. We finished the MTT assay, and during the assay I got pimped! (Think: Dr. Cox on Scrubs) He was asking me a bunch of questions about the protocol and the enzymes involved, and I missed the last question. He told me that just knowing how many milliliters is not science. That I have to know all of the enzymes for all of the reactions we do in the lab. He gave me some articles to read for homework and some other things to look up, and I’ll meet him tomorrow to finish the 48 hour MTT assay. I also have a data and graphical analysis seminar tomorrow. Yay, fun!

Waiting Around

6 Jun

So, I was supposed to meet my research mentor at 9:30 this morning. He came in at 10:30 and told me he was in the middle of something, so I said okay. I looked up some stuff on the research we’re doing just so I could have some more background. Then, he came in around 11:30 and asked if I had the MTT assay protocol, which I did. I showed him the protocol, he added his notes to it, and then said he’d meet me at 4 PM to do the experiment, and it will take about 2 and a half hours. I wish I’d known he’d be busy all morning. I could have slept in! But I did get a lot done, and now I’m just relaxing until about 3:30.

Science Has Started!

5 Jun

Today I actually did some science research stuff! I was using the micropipettes just like I thought I would be, and I put proteins in with breast cancer cells, and tomorrow I will check them to see if they grow, die, or don’t do anything. Then I’ll check some more of them on Friday. Once that’s done, I’ll add some chemotherapy drugs to them and see if it works better at killing the cells with the proteins or without the proteins. They had me look up some articles and read them before next time, and I had to complete my lab journal entry. They were very patient with me and started from the beginning, so they didn’t expect me to know much. That was my worry. My hands shake, and he mentioned that, but I didn’t mess anything up because of it. I’m handling some pretty expensive cells and chemicals, so that’s one of my biggest worries.

In other news, I ate breakfast AND dinner today. I also took a nap. My stomach is a little upset with me, and the chest pain is a little worse, but that was my day today.

Things I’m Grateful For

27 Dec
  1. Music
  2. Jordan T.
  3. Cell phones
  4. Social media sites
  5. Popsicles
  6. Plastic
  7. Stainless steel
  8. No cable bill last September
  9. Google and Wikipedia
  10. External hard drives
  11. Headphones
  12. Oxygen masks and portable oxygen tanks
  13. Dr. W’s anatomy question book
  14. Alarm clocks
  15. One semester of medical school down
  16. Juice boxes
  17. Tests going better than I expected
  18. Practice questions
  19. Dry erase boards
  20. Phone calls from my mom
  21. Bug spray
  22. Classmates that cook
  23. Good movies
  24. The Internet
  25. 2nd year tutor who explains things EXACTLY the way that you understand them
  26. Compliments
  27. Classmates always offering to help you ❤
  28. Dr. H and the AWESOME way she explains things
  29. Fridays, Weekends, and Independent Study Days
  30. Lectures with no testable information
  31. My NGUNS bracelet that Kayla sent me ❤
  32. Randi’s Cranes for Hope (I got 1000 origami cranes!)
  33. Handwritten letters
  34. Youtube videos explaining scientific things
  35. Kittens…fuzzy kittens
  36. Painkillers
  37. Applesauce
  38. Friends that visit
  39. Blood donors
  40. Nurses
  41. Blinds that close all the way
  42. Hospital gowns that close in the back
  43. My new PEG tube (believe it or not)
  44. Ru Sans
  45. My dad visiting me this past semester
  46. That it could always be worse
  47. That I don’t have all of the diseases I learn about in school
  48. Space heaters
  49. Getting into med school, because duh, life dream!
  50. I’m ALIVE!
  51. Someone to talk to on the phone every night
  52. Alex and her puppy Remi
  53. Cookies baked from scratch
  54. Jeff for always being there and saying things like, “We’re family!”
  55. My family

Positivity Challenge: Complete

Goal: not really reached, but these past few weeks have been kinda sucky, so whatever.

That being said, Life is precious. Don’t let it pass you by. That’s all.

In the Category of Good News…

19 Dec

I passed my biochem miniboard (that I didn’t really study for, shh), which means that I have officially passed my 1st semester of medical school! I needed that.

In fact, my entire M1 class passed, because we’re that cool.

My Grades for the semester are as follows:

  • Community Health: A
  • Fundamentals of Medicine: A
  • Basic Principles of Human Biology (Code for Biochemistry): B
  • Organ Systems I (The Bulk of Everything We Learned): C

The C in Organ Systems I can be raised to a B if I do well on the Physiology and/or Histology/Cell Biology Miniboards. I had a B in it the whole time, until I kinda failed the last test and got a C on the biochem miniboard. However, under the circumstances, I’m pretty darn proud of that C in OS1, thank you.