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27 Jul

Hi I’m again in the hospital since last night because seizures, nosebleed, and vomiting. I did not want to go, but my mom and brother insisted and took me. On the way they keep arguing about everything and that hurts my head. They always argue because they both like to be right. Since the hospital, I get there and get a CT scan with and without contrast to see the brain tumor. That is causing the ataxia, vomiting, and headaches. It grew a little but not much. I cannot do SRS on it so that I qualify for the clinical trial. God, it better work. It starts Aug 11 for me. My 1st cycle. Pray it goes well, please? Here at the hospital, they’ve been able more to control the seizures so I have different seizure medicine combination to go home with. I’m just very scared and I wonder how many times I can go home. I am being super candid right now: I do not want to die in a hospital. Please no. I mean if I do die, you know? There is a rush to fix everything but maybe the last time I know they cannot fix it how I like so I leave it broken and go to sleep. Just a thought. That thought is over now. The trial is back at school, so I will be back there again, but my daddy will visit often. I love him.


18 Jul

Well…I have some kind of infection, the doctors haven’t figured out what yet, but they’re thinking a virus because the antibiotics haven’t knocked it out. My temp is still pretty high, and they’re using ice packs for it, and they’re freezing my butt off. I had some seizures, too. I’ve been having some pretty intense bouts of vomiting, and I can’t eat anything by mouth, so I’m on TPN again. I’ve been a little jaundiced, and I’m not having any urine output. Fluid is building up in my lungs, making it hard to breathe. I still don’t know why the stomach pain is so bad or what exactly is causing it now, but they’re giving me morphine every few hours, which is odd because I normally get fentanyl or dilaudid. But they’re pretty much keeping me knocked out all day, because when I wake up, it’s pretty much just miserable. Naturally, my mom freaked out and called a bunch of doctors she knows, and they’re trying to figure out what I have. My family caught a flight and they’re here now. My mom is trying to get me transferred home. Through all this, I did get a guy’s number, though. He was visiting the person next to me and said my smile made his day. That kind of made my day. There was this nurse, though, that would not smile for the life of him! I tried to get him to crack a smile because he just looked so miserable, but he just absolutely would not smile. Oh well. I tried. I called some people today and talked to them for a little while. I wrote some nice notes to people and listened to some music when I wasn’t sleeping. Today was difficult, but I tried to relax.

Another Update

4 Jul

I wanted to update some more. So last night I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to a new medicine I was given, so then I got a bronchodilator and some IV benadryl. That kinda knocked me out last night, thankfully. I had a rash all over, and I was sweating (I was in a pool of sweat), which is odd for me as I’m usually super cold. I also was having trouble breathing, and my heart started beating really fast. I got some steroids, too, and with the combo of meds, they were able to stop the reaction, or at least make me sleep through it. Who knows, it was bedtime for me.

Then today, I’ve been so exhausted. Painfully exhausted! I can’t stay awake for very long at once, so I’ve been taking naps all day and I’m still exhausted. At least I have nothing to do. I’ve been having some pain. I actually went today, which was sickeningly painful. I threw up a bunch in the process, but I do feel a little better now. Sweet relief lol. I also had two seizures today. That’s not something new to me, but it’s something I’d gotten under better control until more recently. I guess with all the medicine changes, I have to balance those meds out again =\ more to do. Hopefully I get to go home tomorrow. My friend that was supposed to visit this weekend isn’t coming anymore. It’s a long drive, so I guess I don’t blame her, it just bums me out a little.