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Been A While

12 Oct

I have to get a chest x-ray. I think I got the pain medicine all figured out, because my pain level is way better, but I’m so sleepy and out of it. Sometimes things don’t feel real. It feels like I’m sleeping all the time or like everything is a dream even while I’m awake. I haven’t been posting much, either. Also, I grind my teeth when I sleep, and when I’m awake, it just feels like I’m clenching my jaw all the time, so my face always hurts. I can’t stop myself from doing it, though. I’ve been trying to talk to my dad, but I feel like I’m not really making sense, but I don’t know. I’m sleepy.


27 Jun

This fatigue is whooping my butt like seriously. I’m so tired I can hardly function. For the research, all I’m trying to do is just sit and analyze data, but I can’t even power my way through that. It’s literally just Excel. Just getting myself to the bathroom makes me wanna lie down for a week, it’s awful! Hopefully this passes soon.