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I’m Home, Why Don’t I Feel Happy?

17 Dec

My dad and I are both getting PEG tubes tomorrow. Earlier, I kinda thought I was watching TV, but it took me 20 minutes to realize that I forgot to turn it on, and I was really just thinking while staring at the TV. I don’t really want to watch anything on television anyways. It’s all either stupid stuff, sad stuff, or infomercials. Merry Christmas, yay.


I had White Coat Ceremony yesterday!

22 Sep

It was fantastic and perfect and amazing and I was feeling quite verklempt!

Too bad I was sooooo wiped out from all the activity yesterday that I couldn’t hardly move afterwards, and I got sick after…stupid infection 😦 I don’t have time for those…didn’t pencil them in.

But was it worth escaping for? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Now, back to the dungeon =/

Ugh…hospital life…