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20 Oct

I went outside for a little while today. That was good because the weather is beautiful. Now I’m gonna nap. I don’t know why my leg/groin/inner thigh area hurts so much, I didn’t do anything to it, but it feels like I pulled something & my lower back is really sore. Weird.

PET Scans and Pimping

6 Jun

My dad got his PET scan today. Since Tropical Storm Andrea hit, they had a lot of bad weather, including tornadoes. This caused him to have to be evacuated from the PET scanner and sent into the main building, not once, but twice! The first time he had been in there for 20 minutes, the second time he had been in for 1 hour. How crazy!! He should get the results at his appointment in 2 weeks, but I’m hoping they call early and tell him. My mom is getting stomach cramps just thinking about it.

I went back to my research lab and was there from about 4PM to 6:30PM. We finished the MTT assay, and during the assay I got pimped! (Think: Dr. Cox on Scrubs) He was asking me a bunch of questions about the protocol and the enzymes involved, and I missed the last question. He told me that just knowing how many milliliters is not science. That I have to know all of the enzymes for all of the reactions we do in the lab. He gave me some articles to read for homework and some other things to look up, and I’ll meet him tomorrow to finish the 48 hour MTT assay. I also have a data and graphical analysis seminar tomorrow. Yay, fun!

Rainy Day

19 May

This is one of those times where I wish it was later so I could just go to sleep and have the day be over with. It’s still bright outside, so I feel like I can’t go to sleep just yet, but I have no interest in anything else. And it’s raining to top it all off. Today is not a good day.


28 Apr

I feel so boring today. I haven’t done anything. I wanna do something so I can say I was productive, but every time I try to do anything I get exhausted or bored with it all the sudden. Then I give up on it. I wanted to leave my apartment to do something, but it’s pouring rain like crazy. Maybe that’s why I don’t want to do anything, or maybe that’s my excuse. Traffic gets stupid when it rains. I feel like I’m stuck in a bubble of depression today.

Good News!!

19 Apr

Ok, today seemed like a complete failure at first. I talked to my friend at school. I was getting there and it wasn’t raining. As soon as I stepped outside, BAM rained all over me. Poured rain. I was soaked and cold. They keep it freezing in that building, too. But when I got inside, my dad texted me that he just wanted to tell me he loves me <3.

Anyways, she gave me the advice of picking a scripture a week to go by that applies and really speaks to me that week. This week, I’ll go with that declaration I posted. Next week, I’ll go with a scripture. She also told me to pick one goal for each week and just focus on that one thing. This week, I’m going to try not to be irritable with my friends. I’ve been doing that, and I don’t want to. That’s not me. So, I’m going to consciously make an effort not to do that. We talked for about an hour and a half. She has anxiety, too, and was telling me how she copes with everything, that I’m not alone, and that more people deal with these kinds of things than I know. She said she was glad I talked to her and to talk to her anytime. That helped a lot. Plus I got the grade back for my exam that I took yesterday. I passed! I got a 74!! Not too shabby.

Also, my dad gave me good news! I talked to my daddy just now, and he said that his doctor said it looks like everything is gone!! Woohoo!!!! He had an MRI and it showed that he was all clear, and in 6 weeks, he’ll get a PET scan. YAY!!!!! Best news I’ve heard in a very long time. Maybe ever. Yeah…ever.

So in conclusion, today is not a failure. I may still be crying today. I may still feel lonely. I may still be in physical pain. But today is also good.

Days Like These Are the Loneliest

17 Apr

There’s a really long exam tomorrow, which means I’m here with nothing to do (except study, which I’m clearly not) and no one to talk to, because they’re all actually studying. All alone. And it’s beautiful outside. It’s always beautiful outside the day before an exam. The weather taunts me sometimes.

Friday makes one year since my friend died. That’s also the day my dad gets his PET scan to basically see if the treatment worked. That’s the day after my exam, so I feel like once it’s over, I still can’t even relax. Then, the following Wednesday, I have an Anatomy/Embryology miniboard exam. Nope…no relaxing for me. At first, I thought it might be good…take my mind off of the recent bad news that I received. But I still can’t stop thinking about it, so now I can’t even study. I’m probably going to fail this exam.

I don’t know what to do, and I’m just feeling really lonely. I know I should be studying like everyone else, but I feel really mentally fatigued, and my classmates don’t get it. I mean I’m glad they don’t have to understand, but still…they don’t understand. My friend that died last April…she would have understood perfectly, I’m sure. She’s pretty much the reason I don’t give up completely.

Aside 3 Jul

Rain + no umbrella = …

That awkward moment when your walk home turns into a wet T-shirt contest.